The advantages of joining a dental PPO

When you choose a PPO dental plan, you have access to affordable dental coverage to help you and your family maintain healthy smiles—and better overall health.

What’s a dental PPO plan?

PPO stands for Participating Provider Organization. A dental PPO is created when a group of dentists agree to offer high-quality, lower-cost health care services to people who enroll in the plan.

If you become a member of a dental PPO, you can take advantage of:

  • dental services at pre-negotiated rates,
  • lower out-of-pocket expenses, and
  • no requirement to pay amounts above the pre-negotiated rates (balance billing). 

Dentists in a PPO network also agree to submit claims on behalf of their members and must pass quality assurance standards. In return, they benefit from being in the network because the PPO promotes their offices to plan members.

How the network works

If you join a PPO dental plan, you can save money when you visit a dentist who belongs to the plan (in-network). You pay more for the services of a dentist who is not in the PPO (out-of-network).

When deciding on a plan, it's important to visit the PPO's website to see if your dentist is already in the network. If your dentist is not in-network, you may be able to find another great dentist in your area who is.

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