Do I need accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance if I have life insurance?

Life insurance can provide your family with financial support if you pass away, so your loved ones have one less thing to worry about if the worst were to happen. Similar to life insurance, AD&D insurance provides financial support in the event you or―depending on your plan—a covered family member suffers a covered accidental injury or death. Knowing how the two types of insurance work together can help you decide whether the coverage is right for you.

Life insurance

If you were to pass away, your beneficiary(ies) would receive a death benefit equal to your life insurance coverage amount. Depending on your plan, you may also be eligible to use a portion of your death benefit to help cover medical and living expenses if you became terminally ill.

AD&D insurance

AD&D insurance provides a benefit if you sustain a covered accidental injury such as speech, hearing, or sight loss, loss of limb, or loss of thumb and index finger. AD&D insurance also provides a benefit for loss of life due to a covered accident. AD&D is usually included with your life insurance policy but you may be able to purchase it separately on a voluntary basis. If you choose AD&D insurance, any benefits would be payable in addition to your life insurance death benefit.

Things to consider when deciding if you need AD&D insurance

You should consider AD&D coverage if you feel you are a bit more at risk of injury because you travel often or have a potentially dangerous occupation. It provides you and your family with extra financial protection that you can use to help pay for injury-related expenses—such as travel costs, rehabilitation, or copayments—or to help replace lost income. It is affordable protection when you consider the potential benefits it can provide.

Accidents happen when we least expect—you can’t prevent them, but you can plan for them. With AD&D coverage, you and your family can have additional protection when you need it most.

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