Bathroom safety tips for you and your kids

Our daily routines usually include spending time in the bathroom. To help the bathroom remain a safe place for you and your children, follow the tips below to minimize your chances of a slip or fall.

Watch out for slippery surfaces

In many bathrooms, floors and surfaces are made of slick materials so that water is easy to wipe up. After baths or showers, it’s important to wipe any surfaces down and to be cautious when walking in your bathroom so that you do not slip and fall. One way you can make the shower or tub floor less slippery is to use a non-skid bath mat. Consider also using a bathmat on your bathroom floor to help absorb excess water as you exit the shower or tub.

Store bathroom cleaners in a safe place

To help keep your bathroom germ-free, you probably use several types of cleaners. Check the labels of your cleaning products and make sure that the ones that contain dangerous, harsh chemicals are stored in a cabinet or on higher shelves out of the reach of children.

Lock away medicines securely

Consuming medication not intended for you can result in very dangerous consequences. If you or a family member takes any medication, be sure to store it in a safe place. It’s important to keep medicines secure to avoid misuse or consumption by the wrong person and to avoid any serious accidents.

Stay with your kids during tubby time

Tubby time is a great way to end a day, but remember that you should supervise your child. Standing water can present a serious danger. Make sure to dump out any old bath water or buckets of water used for cleaning so that your children are not at risk of drowning or consuming the dirty water.

The bathroom is a part of your daily routine, and you can take simple steps, like the ones listed above, to make sure it stays accident-free.

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