Snow safety

Many await the first snowfall so they can enjoy winter activities like sledding and skiing with family and friends. Here are some tips to help you stay safe during the winter months.

Get your car winter ready

If you must venture out in the snow, make sure your car and tires are up for the challenge. An all-wheel-drive car and/or snow tires will provide you with more traction in the slippery winter conditions. If your car is not equipped to handle storms, you may find yourself sliding all over the road, which is dangerous for you as well as other drivers. You should also carry a brush and/or shovel in your car so that you can easily remove accumulated snow from your car to improve visibility before getting back on the road.

Stay off the roads if you can

Winter is synonymous with snow, slush, and ice, which can create more hazardous driving conditions for you and others on the road. Try to take only necessary trips in the car during snow storms, or even when there is a lot of extra snow on the roads. Fewer cars on the road helps snow removal and emergency vehicles get around safely to remove snow and improve driving conditions.

Dress appropriately

It seems obvious, but if you are out during a storm, dress properly with a warm jacket, hat, and gloves in order to keep warm. It’s important to consider your body temperature, as complications from the cold weather can happen quickly.

Beware of falling branches

Snow can also accumulate on trees, causing branches to become strained. The trees and their branches can be hazardous if they snap and fall on a house, car, or even a person. Check your surroundings to ensure that you and your property are not at risk of falling branches. Also, trim trees and branches around your area if possible so that they do not become hazardous.

Check your roof and vents

Just like trees, roofs can accumulate a lot of snow. This may cause a leak in your roof, or worse, your roof can collapse if it gives in to the pressure of the heavy snow. Also, make sure that the vents from your house are clear of snow, so that carbon monoxide has a clear exit from your house. If these vents become blocked by snow, the consequences could be devastating.

Snow can be exciting and fun, and taking some safety precautions can help you have a safe snowy season!

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