Pool safety tips

The pool serves as a great retreat during the hot summer months, but accidents can happen if you are not careful. In order for the pool to remain an oasis for you and your loved ones, be sure to be extremely cautious when around the pool.

Below are some pool safety tips that can help safeguard you and your loved ones and make your time by the pool even more enjoyable.

Supervise all children who are in or near a pool

It is a good idea to swim with others in case you get into trouble while in the water. This is even more important for children who may not be strong swimmers or know how to get themselves to safety. Make sure that children are never unsupervised even if they are not actually in the water, in case they were to slip and fall. Also, make sure that you close any gates and remove any ladders providing entry to the pool so that children cannot access the pool if an adult is not around.

Avoid diving and jumping into the shallow end of a pool

Jumping into shallow water means that you could hit the pool floor, which can cause your body serious injury. If you like to dive or even cannonball, practice your tricks in the deep end.

Keep glass and other breakable items away from the pool

Pool water is clear, just like broken glass, making it difficult to see glass that might be in the pool and could be stepped on. If you keep glass items away from the pool, you can avoid the risk of someone getting cut on broken glass. Besides glass, there can be stray rocks or hot pavement, which can damage your feet and other parts of your body if you are not careful, so wear protective footwear around the pool such as flip flops or closed-toed, waterproof sandals.

Watch out for those around you

If you are not the only person in or around the pool, be aware of who is around you. If someone swims or runs into you hard enough, you can get the wind knocked out of you or you could be knocked unconscious, which is very dangerous in a pool setting, since you could drown.

If you keep these tips in mind while enjoying warmer whether, you are bound to have a safer and happy pool season.

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