Tips to having a safe summer holiday

The summer holidays can be a fun time to enjoy family and friends! Sometimes, in the excitement of the holiday, accidents can happen, which could put a damper on your memories. Take the time to be cautious in order to protect yourself and the ones you love.

Follow the tips listed below to help make sure that your summer holiday is a safe and happy one:

Supervise the grill

Summer is a time for BBQs, whether they are to celebrate a holiday, an informal gathering, or having dinners outside. It’s important to be cautious when cooking outside so you and your loved ones can avoid burns. When you are using your grill:

  • Wear protective gloves and an apron
  • Use the correct utensils
  • Place the grill away from high traffic areas and children
  • Monitor the flames so that you can avoid sudden bursts due to grease or too much lighter fluid

Obey water safety rules

In the summer months, many holidays are celebrated by the pool or other forms of water. Be sure to obey pool safety, boat, or beach rules, such as monitoring children, avoiding glass, and being aware of your surroundings.

Play it safe

Many gatherings with family and friends can include a pickup game of baseball, volleyball, basketball, or even Frisbee. To keep these games fun and avoid a sports-related injury, wear safety gear and play by the rules.

Be responsible when consuming alcohol

If you enjoy cooling down with a cold alcoholic beverage at a summer gathering, make sure you have a designated driver who can make sure you get home safely. To keep yourself and everyone else on the road out of harm’s way, call a cab or ask someone who hasn’t been drinking for a ride home.

While you are enjoying your family and friends this summer holiday, consider the tips listed above to ensure that an accident doesn’t ruin your day—or your summer.

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