Protect your finances

Make a difference with your life insurance

September 2015
If you are passionate about a cause, you may make periodic donations to a charitable organization or volunteer your time. But did you know you can significantly expand your impact on your favorite charity through your life insurance?

Do you have the right amount of insurance?

February 2015
Even if you don’t think too often about how much insurance you have, it’s important to assess whether you have the right amount.

Creating a will—an overview

December 2014
A will expresses how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death. If you don’t have a will, your assets will be distributed according to your state’s probate laws. Not only could this process be expensive, but it may also mean that it might not be handled the way you want.

Are your finances safe from a disability?

November 2014
While no one likes to think about getting sick or injured, illnesses and injuries can happen at any time, and may even prevent you from working. Even if you have been putting money into a savings account or a rainy day fund and you feel you are prepared for the unexpected, an injury or illness can be financially demanding...

Disability insurance offsets and other sources of income that could affect your disability coverage

August 2014
If you are considering purchasing disability coverage or if you have it already, it is important to understand how your benefits could be affected by other sources of income.

Smart ways to avoid identity theft

July 2014
In today’s digital world, we can do practically anything with a touch of a button—including accessing our important personal and financial transactions from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can ensure that you and your family are protected from identity theft by taking steps to safeguard your personal information.

Are your savings protected from a critical illness diagnosis?

November 2013
No one plans on getting a long-term sickness or having a family member become critically ill—and just as unexpected as a critical illness diagnosis are the costs that may be associated with it...

How to navigate Flexible Spending Accounts & Health Savings Accounts

October 2013
Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside pre-tax money to pay for certain medical expenses. HSAs and FSAs can be helpful for covering costs that aren’t paid for by insurance, such as deductibles for doctor appointments, prescriptions, or the cab ride to a hospital.

Five steps to securing your financial future

May 2013
When you're ready to take control of your finances, follow these five steps to get started on the way to a happier, healthier future.

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