Have a safe and healthy Halloween

Halloween is a time of year filled with excitement, costumes, and candy. It is always important to consider safety when enjoying the Halloween festivities, but having a healthier holiday is important too!

Swap candy for healthy alternatives

Although October 31 is known for its candy, it does not mean candy is your only option for your trick-or-treaters. Consider healthy alternatives that are better for your teeth and more nutritious:

  • Snack-sized bags of fruits and vegetables
  • Lunch-size bags of popcorn or pretzels
  • Cracker packs with cheese or peanut butter
  • 100-calorie packs of nuts
  • Boxes of fiber-rich or low-sugar cereals

Make safety a priority

Halloween also means costume parties and trick-or-treating. While the focus of the holiday is on having fun, it’s important to make safety part of your plans. Here are some tips to ensure that you and your loved ones have a safe Halloween:

  • Carry flashlights while trick-or-treating so you can see in the dark and avoid any trips or falls
  • Wear reflective gear so passing cars can see you and your little ones
  • Coordinate going trick-or-treating with a group
  • Adhere to the buddy system so no one wanders away from your group
  • Trick-or-treat in a familiar neighborhood

Remember to brush and floss

Even with some healthy candy alternatives, many kids will indulge with sweet treats on Halloween. It is important that they remember good oral hygiene. Make sure your trick-or-treaters brush and floss so that the sugary snacks don’t have a lasting negative effect on their teeth!

With these candy alternatives and safety tips, children can enjoy a healthy treat and parents can be sure their children are safe. Have a safe and healthy Halloween!

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