How to create healthier holiday dishes

As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering how you can keep your health habits on track. Along with spending time with your family and friends, the holidays usually come with parties, food, and drinks. So how do you keep on top of your healthy eating habits while navigating holiday gatherings without adding inches to your waistline? Make it easier for yourself and set a healthy example for everyone around you by cooking nutritious choices for seasonal celebrations to bring with you to holiday gatherings.

Whether you are asked to bring a dish or host the whole party, there are many tasty and nutritious options you can prepare. You never want to come empty handed, so why not provide the ones you love with treats that are nutritious? With the ever-increasing rates of childhood and adult obesity and related health complications—such as diabetes—it is extremely important to maintain healthy habits. Below are some healthy tips to consider when preparing holiday meals:

  • Think of nutritious appetizers that are fun to snack on such as shrimp cocktail or vegetables with a low-fat dip, such as hummus.
  • Consider lean proteins for a main dish—adding additional flavor by choosing interesting spices.
  • Look for healthier alternatives to traditional side dishes—steamed or roasted vegetables or even swapping out mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower.
  • Substitute pie and cookies with fresh fruit and sorbet or swap out ice cream for a low-fat frozen yogurt.

Take the healthier approach with your contribution to the holiday celebration, and your guests will thank you for providing more variety for all to enjoy!

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