Stay healthy this winter!

When the winter months come around, here are simple ways you and your loved ones can stay happy and healthy.

Prepare your wardrobe for the change in temperature

Keeping warm during the cold winter months is all about the layers—a great way to help create and retain heat. Stock your closets with sweatshirts, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, turtlenecks, and maybe even some thermal wear.  Having the right outerwear—a warm winter coat, hats, gloves, and scarves—can help you minimize the amount of skin exposed. Last but not least, consider purchasing a pair of water-proof boots to keep your feet warm and dry on days when rain, snow, or slush are in the forecast.

Take preventive measures against the cold and flu

Help reduce your chances of getting a cold or flu virus by washing your hands frequently with soap, as these viruses can live on things we touch frequently—like doorknobs—and spread when we touch our face and eyes. When you and your family are on the go at work or school, keep hand sanitizer available to help eliminate germs. Another simple and effective way to protect against the flu is to get a flu shot—particularly if you or a loved one has asthma or diabetes, since those conditions make a person more susceptible to flu-related complications.1

Keep on moving

The winter offers fun outdoor activities like skiing, snowshoeing, ice-skating, or even taking a walk outside in the cool air. But if you prefer to stay inside, you can still stay active by participating in indoor sports like basketball or ice hockey, or spending time at your local gym or yoga studio. If the winter weather has you stuck at home, check out the exercise programs available through your cable provider. For your kids, staying active in winter is a healthy way to release built-up energy they may have due to the increased time they spend indoors. For you, not only will staying active help you to keep fit, but it has also been shown to improve mood!

Eat well and sleep well

Along with cold weather, the winter season also brings an increased temptation to enjoy high-calorie and high-fat “comfort foods.” Look for ways to adapt classic comfort food recipes to create balanced and nutritious meals so that you and your loved ones are getting the necessary nutrition to your keep your immune system strong and healthy. In addition to a well-balanced diet, be sure to get plenty of sleep—it’s recommended that the average adult get between seven and eight hours of sleep. Sleep is a natural restoration process for the body and can help prevent sickness.

By bundling up, preparing against viruses, and finding balance with food, sleep, and activity, you can be sure that you and your family will get the most out of this winter season!

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