Benefits you can use today with insurance protection for tomorrow

If you’ve made the decision to sign up for insurance—either through work or elsewhere—you’ve made a plan to be prepared for the unexpected. And while you may not expect to use your benefits anytime soon, you may be surprised to learn that some insurance policies come with value-added services that you and your family members can use as soon as your coverage becomes effective.

When considering your insurance options, ask if value-added services such as these are included with your coverage:

Emergency travel assistance

Emergency travel assistance provides a variety of services for a medical, dental, or legal emergency when traveling away from home, such as a referral to a local hospital, travel back home to a U.S. hospital, or even help refilling a prescription while traveling.

Identity theft protection

Identity theft protection provides services that protect your personal financial information and help restore this information if it becomes compromised. Services include fraud monitoring of credit cards, warnings of potential threats to your personal information, and help notifying banks and credit card companies that fraud has occurred.

Will preparation

This service assists you in creating a will. The ability to name an executor to carry out your wishes and a guardian(s) to care for your children is not a simple task, but this valuable service helps make it easier for you to prepare for the unexpected and protect those most important to you.

Claimant support

Claimant support includes services for those who would be submitting a claim and their families such as professional assistance for emotional support, financial planning, and legal information in the event they lose a loved one.

Health care support services

Navigating your medical plan and benefits can be overwhelming, but health care support services can help you. The service helps you evaluate health care options, connects you with the right resources, and assists you with billing and claims issues.

Work/life guidance

Employee assistance programs that help address personal life challenges may be offered with your insurance policy. Counseling sessions or guidance for different work/life needs may be available as well as access to specialists who can provide you with professional, legal, and financial advice if needed.

Choosing the right insurance can be an overwhelming task, but being aware of all that a plan offers can help you making the right decisions

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