Tips to stay focused on the road

A great deal of your life is spent in a car, whether you are going to work, meeting friends, or chauffeuring your children to school. Even if you are a safe driver, your car is not the only car on the road, so the best way for you to stay safe and avoid an accident is to pay attention when you are behind the wheel.

To help protect you and your family, consider these tips to stay focused while you’re on the road:

Embrace Bluetooth technology

In this digital age, where everything is at your fingertips, your smartphone can also be a big distraction. Whether your car is equipped with Bluetooth technology or you have a Bluetooth ear piece, use this hands-free technology to make and answer calls while you are driving.

Keep your hands on the wheel

It is important to keep both hands on the wheel to make sure you have as much steering control as possible. If you are accustomed to eating or applying make-up on the go, try doing so before you start driving or wait until you have reached your destination. These activities can prove to be very dangerous to do while driving because it is more difficult to control the direction of the car using only one hand. Additionally, text messages you receive while driving can wait to be read until you are safely at your destination, so the safest place to have your phone while you are driving is out of sight.

Pay attention to where you are going

Knowing where you are going before you put the car in drive can help you avoid making any unexpected, last-minute turns.  Even if you have a navigation system in your car or use an app on your phone, take the time to evaluate the route you are taking before you start your journey—especially if it is a new or less-familiar destination. Taking the extra time before you put the car in drive can help you avoid an accident due to a sudden turn.

Keep your eyes on the road

There are many things that can distract you along your route—beautiful scenery, an animal, or an accident can divert your eyes from the road. Remember that you are operating a machine; remaining focused can help you avoid putting yourself or anyone else in danger.

The road can be a dangerous place, so be sure that you do all you can to protect yourself and your family from any potential harm by staying focused on the road.

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